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Individual and group therapy for support, growth and recovery.  Deal with issues related to the impact of all traumas including sexual abuse. Participation with peers, in a group setting, permits adult survivors to feel safe in a professionally-led setting. Learn effective coping skills, regain a sense of self and self within the world.



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About Ms Wohl


Ms. Wohl is an author, speaker, and trauma therapist who assists survivors in recovery from the profound effects that catastrophic event(s), have had on a person’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, interpersonal relationships and the self.

She helps individuals examine these issues, reduce the potency of the events in the present, manage current symptoms and build a life worth living.

These include flashbacks, dissociation, depersonalization, anxiety, depression, hyper-arousal,
hyper-vigilance, trust issues, self-harm, and negative self talk.  She balances her years of skill in a caring, warm, nurturing environment.

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The Trauma of Sexual Abuse

It is only recently that our society has acknowledged the scope of this problem and has tried to understand the causes and effects it has on the victim and on society as a whole. It is an issue that stirs our most primitive instincts and evokes feelings of helplessness, rage and repulsion. Reflecting one of the darkest sides of childhood experiences, the effects of this trauma reverberate throughout the life cycle of the individual and play out in the dynamics of the family for generations.

Casualties of Childhood: A Developmental Perspective on Sexual Abuse Using Projective Drawings by Agnes Wohl and Bobbie Kaufman 


Keeping in line with the current thinking of Post Traumatic Growth, many survivors have chosen to focus on the resiliency and competency that has become a positive factor in their personalities. .

Survivors of sexual abuse have faced and dealt with major struggles in their lives.  While I do not in any way endorse physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of any sort, I have grown to admire and be inspired by the resilience and strength of the human spirit.  Survivors of  abuse can sometimes transform their pain into very positive changes in the self and my witnessing this for over 30 years is truly breathtaking.

Resilence Assessment:

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Fawn’s Touching Tale: A Story for Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused (Help for Sexually Abused Children) 

Introduction to Parents, School Personnel and Psychotherapists: There are many books aimed at the prevention of sexual abuse; few story books are geared for children that deal with the profound emotional aftermath. This book is unique because it offers the use of engaging animal protagonists, which allows the child to work through painful emotions in a less threatening and more effective manner. Among the most universal issues for the sexually abused child are: the mixed feelings toward the abuser, the dread and wish to be loved, the difficulties of disclosing the abuse, the fear of being blamed and/or of not being believed. The effects frequently culminate in a sense of vulnerability, damaged self-esteem, guilt and faulty defenses against the feelings of being hurt. This can lead to a wide range of self-destructive behavior in childhood and adulthood. This gentle, “child friendly”, animal tale provides children with a story they can listen to again and again. Parents, psychotherapists and school professionals can use this book as a point of entry into complex feelings that the youngster, or any sexually abused person might experience. Our hope is that with the help of this book, the child will begin the process of healing and gradual resumption of his or her healthy psychological development. More info…

Reading the Child Within: How Bibliotherapy Can Help the Victim of Child Sexual Abuse:  Journal of Child Sexual Abuse

Agnes Wohl & Gregory W. Kirschen
Published August 2019
ABSTRACT Bibliotherapy, the use of storytelling as part of the healing process, has been successfully incorporated into clinical practice for a variety of indications including psychological trauma, for children and adults. This therapeutic modality, which incorporates mindful meditation, non-threatening use of metaphor, and autonomic regulation, can help children and adults alike, who are willing to engage in a story. Yet, bibliotherapy has not been widely adapted as a routine part of the therapeutic toolbox in the context of sufferers of childhood sexual abuse. Here, we review current practices regarding the adjunctive use of bibliotherapy for victims of child sexual abuse, touch upon the theoretical basis of bibliotherapy, and lay out a number of readily-useable strategies for implementing bibliotherapy in one’s practice.
Casualties of Childhood: A Developmental Perspective on Sexual Abuse Using Projective Drawings by Agnes Wohl & Bobbie Kaufman (April 1992)
Against the backdrop of powerful case vignettes and their accompanying House, Tree, Person and Kinetic Family Drawings, the discussion focuses primarily on the essential link between childhood sexual abuse and specific developmental problems. Given that sexual abuse is commonly directed toward latency-age young people, it is imperative that this connection be given greater emphasis in the literature. The book represents an important step in that direction. In sum, the authors bring to life the full dimension of sexual victimization, its meaning and consequences for the individual, the family, and by extension, the society. For therapists of all persuasions, it is a much-needed resource.
Available at
Group Psychotherapy for Psychological Trauma Edited by 
Robert Klein and Victor Schermer (2000)
(Chapter 3.  Management of Trauma Related Affect, Defenses, And Dissociative States Elizabeth Hegeman and Agnes Wohl) This essential volume is designed to help practitioners create, initiate, and maintain therapy for traumatized individuals. Facilitating the creation of a safe and effective healing environment for particularly vulnerable clients, this book is invaluable reading for practitioners interested in setting up trauma groups or those in the field. Available at Amazon


Silent Screams and Hidden Cries: An Interpretation of Artwork by Children from Violent Homes by Agnes Wohl & Bobbie Kaufman (January 1992)

This poignant volume presents the first study of drawings of elementary school age children who have lived with domestic violence and who have, in many cases, been themselves the victims of violence. Avoiding the sensationalism often associated with such matters, the authors remain compassionate, investigative and insightful as they provide portraits of children who come from families suffering from severe dysfunction.
Available at Barnes & Noble

Recent Articles

October 2017 Respiratory Medicine Case Reports.   Successful use of guanfacine in a patient with chronic refractory cough: A case report.

October 2017 Nassau Suffolk Clinical Society Newsletter  Speaking the Unspoken:  Treating the Sexual Dysfunction in Adults Sexually Abused As Children.

March 2018    Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.   Betrayal of the Body:  Group Approaches to Hypo-Sexaulity for Adult Femaie Sufferers of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Ice Breaker Game for Groups:

General, eating disorders or sexual trauma. Available thru Pinterest or Teachers Pay Teachers

Populations Treated

  • Rape Victims
  • Trauma Victims
  • Survivors of Priest Abuse
  • Eating Disorders
  • Trichotillomania
  • Depression
  • Loss and Grieving
  • Sexually Abused Children
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • Men Sexually Abused as Children
  • Women Sexually Abused as Children
  • Survivors of 9/11 and their Families
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Children with anxiety
  • Children who have experienced loss and trauma
  • Encopresis and enuresis
  • Aspergers

In the News

I don’t want to suffer any more

Get rid of my burden lighten my load

Then I can move faster

Heading on down the road

Been trying so hard

To leave the mess behind

I keep looking for the answers

Wonderng what I’ll find

It’s not the kind of injury

That anyone can see

But I’m getting better

Someday I’ll feel free

That time is not yet here

When I feel free

That time is not yet here

When I feel in the clear

To let go of the grief

And give me some relief

By: A priest abuse surivior


I’m not as strong as I used to be

Climbing up this hill

Can’t catch my breathe

(Didn’t know it would be this hard)

Going keep going

like I’m mounin’ from death

For a long time

I’ve been trying to escape

There’s no turning back

Race to break the tape

(first to break the tape)

I can hear the footsteps

Must stay ahead and not get caught

Give it all I got

To win the battle I fought.

Written by Jerome A Survivor of Priest Abuse



A letter written to a survivor to help her child part:


What my mom would say to me or to my father (if she was alive).

I’m sorry that you had to endure such abuse and that no one was there for you.  Unfortunately I had to leave this earth.  I left your father in charge of you guys and he obviously didn’t do a good job.  He actually didn’t think about you children.  He thought  that he could leave another adult in charge of you and trust them to treat you well.  But that didn’t happen.  He did not choose wisely. 

Before I left I did instill morals and ethics upon you.  Hoping that you would use them when you needed them.  I’m glad I did.  I’m sorry that you had to use them right away in life after I left.  But at least I gave them to you to use.  I’m very proud of all of you.  You have grown up to be wonderful humans and adults.  You did not get any coping skills from your father.  But I did notice that you developed them on you own.  You all have been through a lot. None of which you should have been through.  You were supposed to enjoy life take care of each other.  I wanted the very best for all of you.  I wanted you to be happy.  I wanted you to be safe and free from corruption. I noticed that that did not happen either. I’m truly sorry that a lot of things happened to you in my absence. 

When watching you kids, my heart sank seeing the abuse and crap that you had to endure.  It broke my heart every day to not being able to stop the insane antics that occurred.  I was with you while all of this was going on and I tried to comfort you when you cried.  I don’t know if you felt my arms around you each time I tried to comfort you.  But I was there in spirit.  I cried when you were sexually assaulted.  I wanted to take you  away from all of that.  My little girl should never had been put in those predicaments .  No child should ever be.  Your father should have been there for you protecting you but he was no were to be found.  He did not do his job.  Neither did his wife. I wish I was there for you but I could not.  I was there again spiritually.  Sometimes that is not enough.  But I do hope you felt my presence.  Grandma and Grandpa were there too.  They were disgusted with your father.  He should have seen or surveyed the household before making a move into that family.  And he should have checked in on you kids to make sure that you were being treated well and fed well and clothed well.  He should have done his job as a parent.  He was too busy playing himself. 

I remember hearing from you that “you could now be a kid” But that didn’t happen.  The Adult in you continued to endure.  Thank God because that is what got you through the years.  I’ m so thankful that you did not conform to their ways.  I remember you saying what is wrong with them.  You felt it in your heart and soul.  I’m proud of you for that. 

I just want you to know that I was walking along side of you each and every day.  I still am.  I love you and miss you so much.

Your brother is very proud of you too.  I hope that you can heal and continue to grow and celebrate life as it is meant to be. Enjoy your life from this day forward.  You are a good person.  I wish you lots of love and comfort.  Love MOM.


My Daughter,

My sweet gentle daughter. I made you, you came from my tummy the center of my being. You have my blood running through your veins. My hair, my eyes, or even my cute nose. Every part of you is beautiful because you came from me. I live on through you. Every emotion you have is beautiful. Your anger, your sadness, your joy, your fears, your loves all of it makes you who you are and that is my daughter. No one else on this earth and up in heaven are what you are to me my special daughter. I have emotions also. I was so sad to leave you on this earth.

I never really left you; I stayed by your side. I wish I could have whisked you away from the horrible home you were made to live in. The horrible conditions you were made to suffer through. The horrible words that were spoken to you. I never left your side. Even when you were made to do shameful acts and felt all alone. I was there. I could not physically rescue you or take you away to some far-off land. I wanted to so badly my sweet daughter.

I kissed you and brushed your hair while you slept. I whispered in your ear at night, how much I loved you. Nothing that you were made to do or that was done to you made me turn my back. I was always with you shinning my light upon you. Trying to light the darkness that surrounded you. You are so kind, funny, beautiful, thoughtful, giving, wonderful and smart; you are my daughter. Though your body or your hands once did awful things. Now you make the most beautiful art with them. Your paintings and blankets are magnificent. You are very creative.

If you could see yourself through my eyes you would never doubt any of your actions. If you could see yourself through my eyes you could see how proud I am of you. You had a very, very difficult beginning but that doesn’t mean your end I’ll be the same. You are so full of life. You are kinds to others and kind to mother earth and all her animals. Thank YOU.

I am your stars at night, your moonlight in the dark night, your sun. Warm on your face, the rain and rainbow that follows. The flowers, the ocean, the green grass, the clouds, the wind, the tall trees. I surround you… my beautiful daughter always and forever.

Love, Mom


Emergency Resources

(For Emergencies Dial 911)
800-SUICIDE      USA National Suicide Hotline
516-679-1111-     Middle Earth Hotline
516-679-1111      Long Island Crisis Center
516-868-3030      Mobile Crisis Team( ext. 207)
516- 747-2966     Nassau Coalition Against Child Abuse
800-635-1522      Child Abuse Hotline
516-481-4000      Nassau County Drug & Alcohol Hotline
631-751-7500      Response of Suffolk County Crisis
212-532-2400      NY Help-Line Telephone Services
212-673-3000      Samaritans of New York Suicide Hotline
516-542-0404      Coalition Against Domestic Violence
800-799-SAFE     National Domestic Violence Hotline
800-621-4000      National Runaway Switchboard
877-796-HOPE    Children of Hope Hotline (Unwanted teen pregnancy)
1-866-4-U-Trevor Gay & Lesbian Crisis Hotline
1-800-656-HOPE (4673) National Sexual Assault Hotline

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